Feeding time with Spencer

Spencer is five weeks old today and is continuing to grow. Spencer now weighs 4 lbs and 7.8 ounces. He sleeps soundly, almost too soundly as he still has an occasional brady or oxygen desaturation caused by apnea (forgetting to breathe or real slow breathing). He usually self-corrects and they’ve given him a little caffeine a few times to help.

In addition to taking his first bottle earlier this week, Spencer also got to try out breast feeding for the first time. He latched on with no problem and fed for about 10 minutes before returning to his bottle. His feedings have steadily increased and he’s now up to 40 mL per feeding.

Last night Joy and I got to give Spencer another bottle during his evening care time and it went a little like this:

Spencer-Martin_06122015_136*YAWN!* “Wow, what a good nap. Must be dinner time!”

Spencer-Martin_06112015_140“Let’s see, what shall I have for dinner tonight?”

Spencer-Martin_06112015_141“Oh Garçon, I believe I’ll have 40 mL of your freshest milk. Oh, and leave the bottle.”

Spencer-Martin_06122015_138“I hope she hasn’t forgotten my order. I’m starving!”

Spencer-Martin_06122015_137“Mmmmm… this IS the good stuff!”

Spencer-Martin_06112015_142“Much milk. So tired. Sleep now… zzzzzz”

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I love the pictures of Spencer! He is so cute. I am so happy he is growing and doing well. I pray for y’all everyday.
Nawana Finley

Great pictures of Spencer! Loved all your captions, too. So glad he’s doing so well! Love you all!

I know he is growing, but peanut is still so small! I also love to be able to see his hair is getting long in these pictures. So glad that bottle and breast feeding is going well too. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Keep the updates coming, love Teresa

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