4 Months Old!

It's Spencer cute little round tummy that really makes this Pooh outfit work.
It’s Spencer cute little round tummy that really makes this Pooh outfit work.

Our first school pictures

Spencer School pics 4 Spencer School pics 3 Spencer School pics 3 Spencer school pics 4


The Summer Mega-Catchup Thread

Sorry it’s been so long since our last update! We’ve had an awesome (and HOT summer) this year and have been super busy with life, work, and family. Here’s the latest updates on the Martins since May.

Back in June, we ended up at the hospital with Spencer for testing. His normal blood work revealed a high count on a certain liver blood-enzyme. It wasn’t serious, but we did have to stay for a few days so they could draw blood periodically and run tests. It eventually returned to normal.

Blowing bubbles helps to soothe a very mad baby after blood is drawn

While we were there, Spencer got to ride around in a cool red wagon and we picked up some more dragons from the gift shop.

Spencer’s chief cheerleaders (besides Mom and Dad) were his team of dragons.
I’ve got dragons in my wagon!

We of course had to buy our own red wagon once we got back home.

“You mean I have my very own ‘Dragon Wagon?'”

We decided to take an extended family vacation and spent the weekend with my folks and brother and sister in Gatlinburg. It was great to have a huge cabin all to ourselves with a great deck looking out into the woods.


Grandma bought us this awesome easy chair for us to relax in while watching YouTube videos.


Let’s play catch!

Our Corgi, Gabby, still walks on eggshells around Spencer but is starting to take a shine to him now that he’s figured out her favorite game: catch! Spencer really gets a kick out of watching her chase after the tennis balls when he tosses them.

Looks who’s walking!

Around late July, Spencer started taking his first steps. Scooting was still his primary mode of locomotion for awhile, but everyday he started taking more steps and standing longer.

It wasn’t long after he started walking that Spencer figured out what his activity walker was for. He still loves to push it around the house but now he’s running behind it and there’s usually a puppy running in front of it!

For my birthday this year, Spencer brought home his first drawing for us to hang on the fridge.

Spencers first drawing

What toddler’s life would be complete without a chance to play with some pots and pans? We’ve got some stainless cookware and the lids have an awesome ring with struck just right. When we gave Spencer some of the lids to play with, it wasn’t nearly as much of a headache as we anticipated. It was almost… Zen-like.

Spencer’s first interaction with robotics

We’ve had to discontinue the use of Roomba for the time being since his battery holds little charge anymore. For awhile, it just sat there on it’s charging base, but then Spencer discovered it one day.

Well, that about gets us caught up on this summer. We’ll have more updates later on the Fall, but for now, we’re just going to “leaf” you hanging!



Spencer Update for May

We kicked off May with a little excitement and some minor surgery. Spencer had been battling ear infections off and on for months (since about February). Our pediatrician recommended we take Spencer to an ears, nose, and throat doctor and his recommendation was tubes. It was a very quick operation. We spent more time in the waiting room with Spencer that he did getting them in.

getting tubes
Spencer was very brave and completely relaxed before the procedure.

He wasn’t very happy when he came to since he was in a strange place and probably felt a little weird. The tubes definitely worked. It seemed like he could hear himself better and he became a lot more chatty.

Spencer wouldn’t let some quick outpatient surgery hold him back! The very next day he joined Joy and I as we walked a 5k with her co-workers! It was early enough in the day that it wasn’t too hot and he was a great pace-setter.

matching socks
Spencer and Daddy wore their special matching “Walking” socks.
5k walk
Finished our first ever 5k.

Spencer turned ONE!!!

Spencer 12 months
Spencer at 12 months

On May 8 our precious gift turned 1 year old! It’s been an amazing first year with Spencer. For his birthday, we had a “Dragons Love Tacos” themed party. We had a few of our closest friends and families over and had a taco party and mini bundt cakes.

Spencer birthday party
Dragons! Dragons everywhere!
Spencer and dumptruck
I hope this doesn’t awaken something. Spencer got this cool dump truck full of Mega Blocks. I’ve heard they’re a gateway to hardcore LEGO fandom.
cake and candle
Time for cake!
hating cake
…or not. Spencer missed his morning nap and by the time we got him his cake, he was a little tired, hungry, and upset. Nothing a little sugar can’t fix!

Spencer and the ladies

after party crash
Nothing like a sugar-crash nap after all the excitement.

Spencer’s cousins Nora and Maggie came to town to celebrate Spencer’s birthday and Maggie had one herself. She and Spencer share the same birthday!

Happy birthday Maggie!
Happy birthday Maggie!

Spencer got lots of awesome gifts and toys to play with. Mom and Dad got him a bike trailer so he could just on rides in the evenings.

In the bike trailer
All this room for me? Let’s roll!

Joy graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with a Master’s Degree in Management. We attended a dinner and graduation ceremony on the 13th. Spencer and I are quite proud of her, especially considering she had Spencer early and spent 2 months in the hospital for two class!

Yeah mom! What's a diploma?
Yeah mom! What’s a diploma?

And finally… I finally sold Pokey, my ’72 Volkswagen Super Beetle. It’s hard to believe that I’ve had him for nearly 16 years! I finished a full restoration on Pokey about 3 years ago. He’s been a great little car.

Pokey Then and Now
Pokey Then and Now

and ever since then, I haven’t really driven him that much, just the odd cruise-in, parade, or club meeting. I’ve been thinking about selling him for the last few years and this year I finally decided to do it. We found the perfect buyer. He was from Lake Martin and was looking for something fun to drive and always wanted a Beetle. I knew he’d take good care of Pokey and I haven’t lost a moment’s of sleep since he left.  Spencer on the other hand, might be kinda upset one day when he sees these pictures!

"What does 'SOLD' mean Dad?"
“What does ‘SOLD’ mean Dad?”
"This is a pretty sweet ride Dad! Sure you wanna get rid of it?"
“This is a pretty sweet ride Dad! Sure you wanna get rid of it?”

Spencer updates from April

We had a lot going on in April and May of this year. Spencer has had multiple ear infections.

On April 8th, Spencer turned 11 months old. He’s sitting up all my himself now without falling backward, though he’s fallen forward once or twice as he tries to crawl. Right now, scooting is still his primary mode of locomotion.

Spencer 11 months
Spencer at 11 months

Spencer also loves his suspended jump swing-seat. He’s a little fussy sometimes when we first put him in it, but after a few seconds he’s bouncing away. We took a quick video  of him jumping and paired it with some Celtic music…

We have another tooth! We’re up to SIX teeth now. With Spencer teething, it seems like he’s constantly drooling so his cheeks and neck have become red and irritated. His doctor says it’s probably eczema.

six teeth
We’re proud of all our teeth!

Mid-April, we went to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville for Daryl’s company meeting. We had a great time riding the riverboat inside the hotel and when we went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, Spencer didn’t get scared at all the noise and mechanical animals.

Delta riverboat

Before driving back home after the meeting, we decided to take Spencer on his first trip to the zoo. Unfortunately, several areas of the Nashville Zoo were under construction, but we did get to walk through a kangaroo zone and see the joeys up close.

Spencer and Joy petting a kangroo
Spencer and Joy petting a kangroo