Spencer is 1 Month Old

Spencer turned one month old today and our little man has already taken another big step. When Joy and I visited him yesterday, the nurse informed us that Spencer had taken his first bottle feeding! She said he had been stuffing his fingers in his mouth and she thought, “hmmm… if he’s that hungry, I wonder if he’ll take a bottle?” Sure enough, he finished a whole 30 mL bottle in one go! This is another one of the big steps Spencer has to take before he can come home. The nurse also told us that not every feeding would be a bottle feeding as the first one probably tired him out, but they would be trying to do at least one a day. You may notice in the photos below that they’ve moved his feeding tube from his mouth to his nose so he can practice bottling feeding more. When Joy visited Spencer this morning, she was able to bottle feed him herself for a bit and the nurse graduated him to a slightly larger pacifier to prep him for more bottle feedings. Milk must really do a body good because Spencer has also added two more ounces and is now up to 4 lbs 5 oz! Go Peanut!

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Spencer amazes us all, everyday! Praise GOD !! What a blessing HE has given you. We all pray that he continues to grow and get stronger. Love to you all.

What a cutie! Praying for continued progress so that he will be home with his mommy & daddy soon!

My goodness! So happy for all of you. In these pics, he looks just like his daddy.

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