4 weeks old today!

Spencer asleep close-up
Is there anything as sweet as a sleeping newborn?

Spencer is 4 weeks old today! He’s been steadily growing and is now up to 4 lbs 1 oz. His residuals have been low this week but he has been spitting up a little bit so the doctors are going to modify his feeding schedule again. He’ll be going off continuous feeding and moving to an every-3-hours schedule for bit.  Spencer is also in a different incubator now. He’s no longer in one of the Giraffe beds with the lid that comes off. It’s about the same size incubator, but there’s less equipment attached to it.

Spencer was 4lb 1oz on June 4, 2015
Spencer was 4lb 1oz on June 4, 2015

Spencer had an eye exam this morning just to make sure everything was ok since he’s a preemie. The doctors said everything looks normal and they’ll check again in a few weeks. He has beautiful eyes and we just love to sit with him and watch him look all around the room and take things in and stare back at Mom and Dad.

“It’s story time, right Dad?”

Spencer continues to grow and get more beautiful every day! Joy and I took a child and infant CPR class this week at the hospital. We don’t expect to ever need, but it’s good to be prepared.  We still love to read him bedtime stories during our evening visits. Our favorite books this week were “Bike on Bear” and “Dragons Love Tacos.”

"Bike on Bear" and "Dragons Love Tacos" book

Finally, we picked up the paint for the nursery mural yesterday so hopefully we’ll find some time this weekend to start on “Spencer’s Tree.” I would love to try and make a time-lapse video like I did with the LEGO Mini Cooper but I’m not sure I’ll have enough storage space since this will probably be a multi-day event!