6 months with the Peanut

Sorry for the extended delay since the last blog update. It has been a crazy month and half! Back in October everyone in the house got sick. Spencer got his first cold, then Daryl got bronchitis, which later turned into atypical pneumonia. Then Joy got bronchitis! Everyone’s since had a round of antibiotics and I’m pleased to say we’re all much better.

Say Cheese!

Right before everyone got sick last month, we packed up Spencer and drove to Little Rock, Arkansas to meet with Joy’s parents and her sister Julie and her kids. Tammy, a friend of the family, took some great pictures of everyone. Spencer enjoyed getting to meet his cousins again and we got some great photos.

Nora, Maggie, and Nora enjoy sunny day in the park.
Nora, Maggie, and Spencer enjoy a sunny day in the park.

The timing also worked out so that we could see my Aunt Susanne and Uncle Jimmy for her 60th birthday while we were in Little Rock. Spencer got all dressed up  in slacks, a striped shirt, and suspenders.

Jimmy and Susanne cuddle with a dapper Spencer.
Jimmy and Susanne cuddle with a dapper Spencer.