Fave Five Friday

Fave Five Friday – 2.20.2015

80 Facts about the ’80s

This has to be a record for Mental Floss… 80 facts in one video! I guess if you’re going to cover something as awesome as the 80’s you need to do it well.

 Star Wars vs DC Marvel Final Epic Trailer

The same guy that made that awesome Star Wars vs Star Trek trailer (which we shared last week) has struck gold again! This time with an epic trailer that features Star Wars vs Superheroes. The funny thing… Disney owns all the rights to these franchises so this could totally happen.

Ping Pong Trick Shots 2

Dude Perfect is well known for their elaborate trick shot videos. This week it appears they’ve teamed up with Wal-Mart and Pringles (’cause how else could you afford to do such an expensive video) to make another Ping Pong Trick Shots video.

Love from Land Rover

This Valentine’s Day, one Land Rover Defender fan in New Zealand got one of the coolest gifts ever. I consider myself a car guy and I love this video, but I have to admit, that up until a few years ago, I thought Land Rover and Range Rover were two different car companies. </shame>

LEGO Mini Cooper Time-Lapse

I’ve been waiting all week to share this one, but I thought I’d wait and throw it up on the Fave Five list. If haven’t guessed what it’s about by the title, just watch the video.

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Fave Five Friday – 10.31.2014

Joy and I are cord cutters. If you’ve never heard the term, that means we no longer subscribe to cable TV. It was getting too expensive and we didn’t feel like paying big bucks for the garbage that’s on TV now. To entertain ourselves, we still watch a few shows which we buy from Amazon Instant Video or Apple TV but we also love to watch YouTube videos. I find links throughout the day and click on the “Watch Later” button at the bottom of the video (looks like a clock) and we watch ’em at home on the Apple TV or on our Chromecast (THE best way to lean back and enjoy YouTube at home).

There’s so many talented people and great content on YouTube if you know where to look. I thought I might start a thing here on my blog called “Fave Five Friday” where I post my favorite five YouTube videos from the week. So, in no particular order, here are my five favorite videos from this week. Enjoy!

Another Comic Con joint produced by the fine folks at Beat Down Boogie.