Daryl’s Links

Here are some of my favorite and most frequently visited links. You’ll find my links organized by category, such as graphics, computers, special interest, and entertainment.

  • NAVWC – The North Alabama Volkswagen Club, of which I’m a member.
  • GERMANLOOK.COM – A great website showcasing the german look for VW’s.
  • – One of the best places on the net to get VW parts.
  • Top Line Parts – The place to go for Super Beetle suspension parts
  • The Samba – A great VW community with galleries, forums and classifieds.
  • The ShopTalk Forums – Message board that covers a wide range of VW areas.
  • Super Beetles Only! – Tech articles & a message board for VW Super Beetle owners.
  • SuperBeetles.Com – Another Super Beetle site
  • – Cool flash site where you can customize your own VW bug or bus.
  • Bert Monroy – An amazing ultrarealistic Photoshop/Illustrator artist.
Other Interesting Links

Joy’s Links

These are some of my favorite links that I like to visit when I have time. I have several hobbies right now, including singing with the Whitesburg Baptist choir, rubber-stamping, and flying. I’m also trying to pick up quilting at the moment, so I’ll likely add some sewing related links and photos soon!

Comic strips
  • B.C. – I love the BC comic strip which usually has a biblical slant
  • Zits – Jeremy reminds me of my brother
  • Slate (MSN) – Some of the political cartoons are interesting