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How to Hold Your Baby

I’ve always heard there’s no instruction manual that comes with a new baby, but living with the internet and YouTube has taught me otherwise. Thank you internet!


Spencer Videos

One week old today!

Happy Birthday!

Today is Spencer’s 1 week birthday! It seems like this week has flown by. Joy and I have been visiting Spencer about 3 times a day and he continues to improve everyday. During the first 72 hours, he went from 3 lbs 12 oz down to 3 lbs 5 oz as he lost some fluids he had during pregnancy. He looks less swollen now and after 2 days on the bili lights, his bruising is nearly all gone and he has a beautiful, healthy color now. Spencer was only on the ventilator for the first few days. He now only needs to have a nasal cannula to make sure he gets enough oxygen while his lungs are developing. We asked our NICU nurse last night when Spencer would be able to come home with us and she said as soon as he reaches 4 lbs, can eat and breathe on his own, and he can maintain his own body heat. In the last few days he’s begun to eat better and put a little weight on. He’s up to 3 lbs 8 oz this morning.

Also this morning, Spencer got a special birthday treat… Daddy got to hold him!! It was too awesome.

Daryl gets to hold Spencer for the first time at 1 week old.
Daryl gets to hold Spencer for the first time at 1 week old.


Nursery updates

We had our friend Melissa and her daughter Catie over last night to help us with the tree for Spencer’s nursery mural. Melissa’s is also a graphic artist but has much more experience in traditional artists’ media and created an awesome sketch of a tree. I got out some blue painters tape and we tried to recreate it on the wall to get a sense of scale and see how it would look full size. After we got the lines just right, we lightly sketched them on the wall in charcoal. Now we just need to get some paint and brushes and color everything in. Neither one of us has ever done a mural so I’m going to wait until she can return and help out with the painting and so she can help bring the tree to “life.” More pics to follow, but here’s the tape version for now (the charcoal lines were too faint to see in a photo).

Tree outline in blue tape

Fave Five Friday Videos

Fave Five Friday – 12.5.2014

Wow! Can you believe it’s already December! Just a few more weeks until Christmas. Here’s our five favorite YouTube videos for this week. Don’t forget to vote for  you favorite at the end. Last week’s winner was… A TIE! Ken Box tribute and Jimmy Fallon & Rashida Jones Holiday Parodies each got two votes.

All I want for Christmas is a jet engine for my bike.

Granted, that’s probably a little dangerous. Of course you just as easily break a bone by dancing on your bike. In HEELS. Gold plated bike? DO. WANT.

“Papa Bear” and his cute baby bears

Adorable puppy wakes up to sing the song of her people:

Movember has come and gone. Still rockin’ that ‘stache or beard? Don’t worry what the haters say. Don’t “Shave it Off”!

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Fave Five Friday Funny Videos

Fave Five Friday – 11.21.2014

Sorry for the delay in getting this weeks Fave Five YouTube videos out. For this weeks picks (which Joy DID have a hand in selecting), we have several holiday themed choices and she let me slip in another “All About That Bass” parody!

Nobody likes a dry turkey. “All About That Baste!” (Mo’ Butter!)

Super Heroes vs. Game Heroes (contains simulated violence)

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” (performed by Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé)

Chilling acapella cover of “Mary, Did You Know?” by Pentatonix.

And finally, this is a sign of the times we’re  living in. It’s cute, but nothing’s better than hearing someone’s voice or seeing them on Face Time. Here’s Straight No Chaser featuring Kristen Bell with “Text Me Merry Christmas”

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Funny Videos

Fave Five Friday – 11.14.2014

UPDATE:  I made these picks without Joy’s input and after watching them, she has asked me to label them as “Not-Joy-Endorsed.” In hindsight,  it was a long,  busy week and I may have been under duress when I made my selections. Hope no one was offended.

Thanks to all who voted in last weeks Fave Five Friday poll. The winner was “Shake It Off” by Walk off the Earth! Joy and I found some more great music videos on YouTube this week. If you haven’t already been infected by that earworm called “About About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor, I’d like to know what rock you’ve been living under. Is there room for one more?! Enjoy these covers and parodies of her hit song.

Here’s All About that Bass sung in Family Guy and King of the Hill voices.

And here’s two space themed parodies. “All About That Space”:

And “All About That Base”:

And we felt like sharing another cool science video this week so here’s a new one from the Slo-Mo masters. Most fluids have constant viscosity (how thick they are and how they flow), which is only affected by changes in temperature or pressure. Non-Newtonian fluids change their viscosity or flow behavior under stress. If you apply a force to such fluids (say you hit, shake or jump on them), the sudden application of stress can cause them to get thicker and act like a solid, or in some cases it results in the opposite behaviour and they may get runnier than they were before. Wanna see this behavior in super-slow motion??

Because it’s No-Shave November I’ve been trying to grow a beard this month. I was about to give up and just shave it when a friend sent me this video, now I must “Obey the Beard!”

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