Spencer updates from April

We had a lot going on in April and May of this year. Spencer has had multiple ear infections.

On April 8th, Spencer turned 11 months old. He’s sitting up all my himself now without falling backward, though he’s fallen forward once or twice as he tries to crawl. Right now, scooting is still his primary mode of locomotion.

Spencer 11 months
Spencer at 11 months

Spencer also loves his suspended jump swing-seat. He’s a little fussy sometimes when we first put him in it, but after a few seconds he’s bouncing away. We took a quick video  of him jumping and paired it with some Celtic music…

We have another tooth! We’re up to SIX teeth now. With Spencer teething, it seems like he’s constantly drooling so his cheeks and neck have become red and irritated. His doctor says it’s probably eczema.

six teeth
We’re proud of all our teeth!

Mid-April, we went to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville for Daryl’s company meeting. We had a great time riding the riverboat inside the hotel and when we went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, Spencer didn’t get scared at all the noise and mechanical animals.

Delta riverboat

Before driving back home after the meeting, we decided to take Spencer on his first trip to the zoo. Unfortunately, several areas of the Nashville Zoo were under construction, but we did get to walk through a kangaroo zone and see the joeys up close.

Spencer and Joy petting a kangroo
Spencer and Joy petting a kangroo

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