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It’s been an age since we’ve updated everyone on Spencer! Sorry for that. We had no idea how busy life would get with a baby and two full time jobs. To get everyone up to speed, we’ll probably break these updates up into months. So here’s the February and March updates!

In February, we added Gerber Puffs to our diet of formula and baby food. As you can see below, Puffs are SOOOO good!


On February 8, Spencer turned 9 months old.


Spencer got lots of cool toys at Christmas but we had to have a little talk about not using or smartphones at the dinner table


Spencer got sick a few times and when you have a fever, you’re not allowed to go to daycare, so Mom and Dad had to take turns with Spencer from time to time. Even with an ear ache and a runny nose, he’s still a sweet baby to spend the day with.


Once we were all better, we went to Knoxville, TN to visit our friends for a board game weekend.  We some great food, got to watch the Martian and Spencer gave an oral exam to a T-rex!


In March we celebrated our 10 month birthday!


We also traveled to Little Rock, AR to visit some of Joy’s family.

IMG_0302 IMG_0311

And we have 3 more teeth since Christmas for a total of 5 now! Spencer is still learning where they all are still, so he sometimes rubs them together which is always a pleasant sound.


Coming up next – April!



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