September Spencer Update

It seems like a lot’s happened since our last update. A week after our quarantine was finished, we finally got to go back to church. Much to our surprise, Spencer slept through the entire service. It was so good being back in church and Mom and Dad getting to show Spencer to everyone that had been praying for him. We’re looking forward to presenting Spencer in a few months for baby dedication.

Spencer's first church service
Spencer’s first church service

Joy returned to work a few weeks ago and Spencer is now in daycare during the day. His teachers at daycare are amazing and the staff has taken such great care of our little Peanut.

Spencer enjoys some play time in his saucer at daycare
Spencer enjoys some play time in his saucer at daycare

During his first week at daycare, Spoiled Rotten Photography came and took some “school photos.” Check out these adorable photos of Spencer:

There's that infectious smile!
There’s that infectious smile!
Spencer School pics 3
Spencer and his dragon pose for his first school pictures
Spencer posing for his school picture
Spencer posing for his school picture

Spencer’s been growing by leaps and bounds and with his 5-month birthdays just a little over a week away, he’s already over 15 lbs! Yesterday, Spencer started having a slight cough so we took him in for his first unscheduled doctor’s visit to check him out. Now that we’re officially in Fall, ragweed season has begun and its likely his allergies.

And finally, here’s a few more pictures to show how much Peanut has grown in the last few weeks.

All new residents in Alabama are required to pledge a college football affiliation within 12 months of crossing the state line or else you get drafted to either Alabama or Auburn, so Spencer says, “BOOMER SOONER!”

Spencer in his Sooner onesie
SEC? Nope, this kid is Big 12!
Growing up sure takes it out of you!
Look at those cheeks! Growing up sure takes it out of you!

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Nah. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. He can go to whatever school he wants and if he doesn’t develop an interest in football on his own, he probably won’t get one from me.

He will still have to declare an allegiance to either Alabama or Auburn living here. Since his entire family on his Daddy’s side (including Daddy) went to and most graduated from the University of Alabama or UAH, I think it will be an easy choice.

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