3 Months with the Peanut

Time for another Spencer update! It’s been a couple of weeks since our last check-in but everyone is doing great in the Martin household. Spencer recently celebrated his 3 month birthday on August 8. The party was pretty low key. We stayed home and had dinner and took a few photos of the birthday boy.

Spencer at 3 months
Spencer and his dragon wubanub celebrate 3 months old.

Spencer under the ever watchful eye of Gabby
Spencer showing what a strong boy he is!
Spencer showing what a strong boy he is!

At Spencer’s last weigh-in at the pediatrician’s on Monday, he clocked in at an impressive 10 lb. 14 oz! I’m sure that at the time of this writing he’s probably 11+ lbs! He’s wearing 0-3 month diapers and clothes now instead of newborn and he’s already starting to outgrow some those outfits. I used to always wonder why parents referred to their babies age in months but now I see it’s because they change and grow so fast during the first few years. I’m still not sure what the age cut-off is for this unit of measure though. It’s 2 years old right? We don’t want to be one of those parents that refer to their pre-schooler as a 48-month-older! 🙂

Spencer on play mat
Spencer relaxes on his play mat and takes in his surroundings

In other news, Joy’s mom has escaped quarantine and was last seen heading out West to visit her family at Disneyland. It was such a blessing to have her here for the last few months taking care of all of us. We’re incredibly thankful for the all the work she put into keeping all three of us fed and clothed and the house looking great. In her absence, Joy’s going to be home with Spencer for a few weeks to finish out the quarantine. I’m taking a few hours off here and there so Joy can run to the doctor and get some errands done.

Spencer and Grandma McMahan enjoying some cuddle time
Spencer and Grandma McMahan enjoying some cuddle time
He’ll eventually learn the rest of the vowels later on, but right now Spencer is getting lots of exposure to “O” and “U.”
Spencer takes a nap in his bassinest
Spencer takes a nap in his bassinest.
During naps Spencer likes to practice his dance moves. Here he’s working on the “Sprinkler.”

That’s pretty much all that’s new here. Spencer is still wrestling with colic and we’re trying to get sleep when we he lets us. We’re taking turns changing diapers and feeding him and when we’re awake enough to think about it, we’re trying to get more photos.

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Just for your reference, most parents switch to fractions of the year if anything at all after two years old (2 and 1/2 or 2 and 3/4). 🙂
My eldest liked to sleep with her arms straight up in the air. We would push them down but they would go right back up. Since you know her now, I am wondering if this could be an indication of future personality traits (like boundless energy…).
We cannot wait to meet Spencer and we are sure missing Joy!

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