Spencer Update – 6.26.2015

It’s been another busy week, but we’re back with another Spencer update! Spencer is doing very well and as of today, he is 7 weeks or 49 days old. Hard to believe that much time has already passed. He’s had a few bradys earlier this week, probably because the doctors wanted him to try taking a bottle at each care time. We’ve since adjusted to a bottle every other care time, which is to say every 8 hours and he’s been mostly fine since. Spencer’s also taking 60 mL or 2 ounces of milk at each feeding and he is definitely growing. He’s up to 5 lb 9 oz. today! The nurse today said they’d like NICU babies to grow by 18-35 grams a day and Spencer is growing at 36 grams a day.

Here’s a couple of pics from last night’s feeding. He is supposed to finish off a bottle within 30 minutes and he’s downed the last few in around 16 minutes.

He’s spotted the bottle! It’s dinner time!

Happy, milk-drunk baby settles in for a bedtime story!
Joy returned to work this week after several months off. She didn’t just go in for half-days either. She was pretty exhausted at the end of each day so I tried to help out the best I could by cooking and trying out some new recipes. Joy’s co-workers have also been super supportive and awesome. They gave us an incredible baby-shower on Wednesday.  As you can see below, we got lots of goodies to take care of Spencer! Thanks everyone!

So many goodies we had to take ’em home in the wagon!

We got so many great items, like this personalized step-stool with Spencer’s name on it. The letters are even removable!
We still have no firm “coming home” date yet. Spencer still needs to graduate to a “big boy” crib and take a bottle at every feeding without getting too tired or having a brady. Someone asked me the other day what are these brady episodes all about? Is he sick or does he have a defect? When a baby stops breathing for longer than 20 seconds, it’s called apnea. Premature babies have immature nervous systems, and are prone to having episodes of apnea. Sometimes, apnea will cause the baby’s heart to beat too slowly, and that’s a  bradycardia or “brady” for short. Usually, a gentle pat on the back is all that’s needed to remind the baby to breathe again, but sometimes babies need help breathing or extra oxygen when they’re apneic. Spencer no longer needs extra oxygen when sleeping, and he usually self-corrects if he does have a brady. As soon as Spencer can go without having anymore bradys (and can be bottle-fed), then he’ll be on his way home.

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He is so adorable! I was sad to have to miss your baby shower due to a scheduling conflict. I wanted to say “Hey Mama” to Joy, because I will always remember that she was the first person to ever call me a mom when she said that to me when I was pregnant with Gabe. I will always remember the first time I was called mama :-). Congratulations you two – I know you are loving parenthood and you will be such wonderful parents :-)!

He is really growing! He has had to play catch-up but he will get there. Love, Poppi & Gigi

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