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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!I didn’t think I was going to get to be a father on Father’s Day this year since Joy’s due date was originally July 20th, but since Spencer is here and doing well, I will definitely celebrate it! This morning, Joy gave me an awesome Father’s Day present, though not as awesome as giving me Spencer! She had a family friend come take come photos of Spencer a few weeks ago and today she presented me a cool collage of the “many faces of Spencer” in a bike-themed frame.

This is the awesome Father's day gift that Joy got me this year (2015)
This is the awesome Father’s day gift that Joy got me this year (2015)

Karen, Kristen, and Leanne visited us last night in the hospital and gave us this beautiful blanket and stocking cap that Leanne made. They’re super colorful and that cap and blanket will be perfect for keeping Spencer snugly and warm this fall!

Spencer blanket and knit cap

Both Spencer and Joy and I have had a busy week this week. Last weekend I broke down the remnants of our square foot garden we started a few years ago. We had some luck with cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers and we had some jalapeño plants that were dynamite performers. For the most part, bugs and the birds got to everything else.  So after tilling up the soil, I laid almost a whole pallet of sod on Monday. Wow, was it hot! While I drank lots of water, I still probably stayed out a little too long. There was a few times when I stood up that I got a little dizzy. We ordered two pallets of sod since that’s what the farm said we needed for our bare areas and we had at least half a pallet left over so we called all our neighbors and gave it away. One of our neighbors was so appreciative, she brought us over a chocolate cake!

Gabby is inspecting the newly laid sod that covers up where our old Square Foot Garden used to be.
Gabby is inspecting the newly laid sod that covers up where our old Square Foot Garden used to be.

In anticipation of Spencer’s return home (still no firm date yet), we had all the carpets in the house steam cleaned and deodorized. I’ll be taking the dogs in tomorrow to have them groomed and “furminated” so maybe there’ll be a lot less fur in the house when Spencer comes home. We also took delivery of a new washer and dryer, replacing our faithful units of 10+ years of service.

Spencer’s feedings have been upped this week to 60 mL and he’s back to a 4-8-12 schedule. They’re hoping the increased feeding will help him grow a little more since he’s not exactly where they’d like him be. We’re quite proud of him, especially since he’s now a proud member of the 5 lb club!

Spencer became a proud member of the 5 lb club on Friday, June 19.
Spencer became a proud member of the 5 lb club on Friday, June 19.


From our family to yours, hope everyone has a Happy Father’s Day!

The Martin family on Father's Day 2015
The Martin family on Father’s Day 2015, check out that smile!

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The pacifier video brought tears (happy ones) to my eyes. SO thankful that Spencer is doing well. Love to all!

Just got around to reading your Father’s Day post. That is so wonderful and Spencer is so precious!!! Loved the picture of the “happy family” too.

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