Hard to believe it’s been 14 days!

Today is Spencer’s 2 week birthday and he is doing wonderful! For awhile he wasn’t digesting Joy’s milk very well and  so his residuals were high (food left in his tummy). The nurse gave him a suppository and some medicine and it seems to have helped. He’s gone from feedings of 3-5 mL to a whopping 21 mL now! He’s still only at 3 lb. 8 oz, but we expect that’s going to change now that he’s eating like a champ.  Since he’s eating so well now, they decided to take his IV out this morning. Another big step for Spencer!

Milk pump for Spencer
This device slowly pumps Joy’s milk into Spencer’s tummy
Spencer laying down, sleepy
Spencer no longer needs to have an IV or breathing tube.
Spencer waving goodbye
“Please, no more picture! I must nap now.”

All Wet Behind the Ears

Earlier this week, Joy and I were asked if we wanted to give Spencer a bath. We didn’t give him a full “immersion” bath in a tub, just a gently wipe down  with some wet towelettes and baby soap.

Spencer getting a bath
I’m sure bath times won’t always be this easy!

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So happy All of you are doing well. Trina & Scott keep us posted. Praying for you guys every day.
Jan & John Wardlaw

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