Kangaroo Care

Spencer Update

Spencer had a pretty good weekend this past weekend. He’s still hovering around 3 lbs. 7 oz. His weight hasn’t gone up that much recently because he’s still not digesting Joy’s milk as quickly as they’re giving it to him.  It’s really weird too see during one of the care times. He has a feeding tube going into his tummy and that’s how they administer his food. After a certain amount of time, they can actually pull back the plunger on a syringe attached to the tube and see what’s left.

On Monday morning, Joy got to kangaroo cuddle with Spencer. I went in a little late to work so I could be there and I’m glad I was able to share the moment. Spencer seems to love kangaroo time and it’s supposed benefits the premature babies, but it looks like Mom really likes it too!

If you’re curious about the benefits or need for kangaroo cuddling, the NICU had this little flyer next to all the beds.
IMG_0001Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed in the first picture, Spencer is not wearing a nasal cannula. He’s been weaned off the oxygen and can now go without! Another big step for our little Peanut and he just looks so more precious without it.

Spencer with no nasal tubing

Nursery Update

The nursing chair we ordered a few weeks ago from All About Baby arrived today at lunch. The fabric and color look great together and we think it will really look great in the nursery when it’s finished (still have to paint that tree!).

nursing chair




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How sweet! He has a lot of hair. Glad all is going well. Love, Gigi & Poppi

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