Spencer Update – 5.13.2015

Joy and I went back to see Spencer last night and they had taken him off the Bili lights! His color looked really good and most of his bruising has disappeared. Joy got to change her first “poopy” diaper so it looks all the plumbing and drainage is working on the little guy. He’s also eating a little more. I think he’s up to 9 ml every few hours so he’s just barely behind Joy and her pumping.

Since I’ve been posting lots of pictures, I thought it’d be nice to switch it up today and post a quick video I took of Spencer this morning. He was pretty alert today and Joy got to change his diaper and hold his hand for awhile.


I guess I listen to too much techno or electronica, because when I saw Spencer in that pose, it just looked like he was trying to keep his headphones on while scratching out some sick tunes on the turntable. As soon as I got back to my computer I just had to fire up Photoshop!

Spencer with the turntable

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Love the updates! He is just precious! What great Photoshop skills you have Dad!

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