Departure Day for Joy

Joy got the all clear this morning from her doctor to get discharged. This set off a chain reaction of visits from hospital staff including the admin, pharmacists, lactation specialists, and technicians. Between all the visits and the regularly scheduled pumpings, we managed to slip down to the NICU and see Spencer a few times before we left. He’s still getting plenty of R&R and time under the bili lights. Our son looks like he’s hooked up to the Matrix and living in Tron!


I got to change another diaper this afternoon and while the nurse checked his vitals and fed him, Joy got to hold Spencers tiny little hand, which seemed to immediately calm him down.

P1030734For lunch, we got a special Mother’s Day celebratory meal from the hospital. It was quite a nice spread with steak, loaded baked potato, desert and even a bottle of sparkling grape juice. It was a great send-off after 8 weeks in the hospital.

P1030745Joy is home now and adjusting to life on the “outside.” It’ll probably be at least 2 weeks before she can drive on her own, but the pups are glad to see her back and as far as they know, life is back to normal. We also brought a baby blanket back from the NICU so the dogs can get used to Spencer’s scent.  We still have some nursery prep to do before he gets to come and eventually we’ll have to do some serious baby proofing to house.

We’d like to thank everyone again for their prayers and support during Joy’s hospital stay and for the visits, meals, and care packages. It definitely helped a rather lengthy, anxious stay go by pretty quickly. Please keep Spencer in your prayers for continued growth and development.



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