Peanut Update – 5.3.2015

Tomorrow is the start of week 29 for Peanut! We had another restful and uneventful weekend here at the hospital. Joy’s father flew to Huntsville on Friday morning and visited with us.

Joy normally goes to a church quilting class on Tuesday nights and since being on bedrest these past seven weeks, she hasn’t been able to. The sweet ladies in her quilting group stepped up and took the fabrics she had already picked out and put together this beautiful preemie quilt. They are also finishing up a regular quilt for baby Peanut. Thanks ladies!



If you’re wondering how Joy hasn’t gone stir-crazy sitting in a hospital room for 7 weeks, she’s still taking one of her classes and last week was finals week. She got a 98 on one of her tests, still waiting on the grade from another, and she still has a paper to finish up and turn in tomorrow.


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