Peanut Update – 4.21.2005

Another weekend down and we’re now into week 27! Nothing much new to report from the last few days. Peanut is right around 2 lbs now and that puts him/her in the 35th percentile but he still continues to look great on the monitor. Heartbeat is still in the 145-155 bpm range and there’s no signs of contractions. One of Joy’s doctors said they might do an ultrasound today so if that happens we’ll try to post some pics if they print any for us. They are really pleased with how well Joy is doing and it sounds like they’re just going to let her cruise along until she gets to around 34 weeks and then do a Cesarean.

On Saturday I took a quick break and went down to All About Baby off Governor’s Drive and purchased¬†our chair for the nursery. Below is a picture of the chair and a the fabric swatch we chose (Latte). It should be ready for delivery in about 6 weeks… hopefully before Peanut arrives!



Instead of us all sitting around Joy’s room staring at our phones and the four walls, I thought I’d bring my Playstation 3 to the hospital Friday night. We’ve all been watching Jeopardy during dinner in the evenings and I thought it’d be fun to play Jeopardy after we’re done eating. I also have Buzz! Quiz Show which is a little more fun since I have 4 controllers. I only have two PS3 controllers, so someone has to sit out during a match.


On Sunday my family came up to celebrate my brother-in-law Ashley’s 40th birthday. We had some cake and hung out for a bit. Before everyone left, we made sure they signed our baby journal. We just had to share what my niece Sophie wrote. It’s just too precious!


Thanks to everyone for their continued prayer and support! We appreciate the visits, cards and hot meals.


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