Baby Update – 4.13.2015

Today is the start of week 26 for Peanut and it also the one month mark since we arrived at the hospital. Mother and child are still doing very well. Peanut continues to impress the staff with his monitor readings.  He’s showing heartbeat patterns consistent with a more mature baby. His heartbeat continues to hover around 145-155 bpm but we’ve seen it go as high as 170.  Peanut is truly living up to the title of Rockstar the nurses have given him/her.

Speaking of nicknames, since we gave our baby the nickname of “Peanut”, Joy has decided to nickname her fibroid “Bane.” It still continues to cause her some pain, but nothing she can’t handle.

One of Joy’s friends brought her a cool journal called “Oh! The places you’ll go!” There’s plenty of blank spaces inside for family, friends, and staff to write thoughts, prayers and well wishes. It will make an awesome keepsake for our baby.  If you stop by for a quick visit, please jot a quick note for Peanut!




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