Baby Update – 4.6.2015

Sorry the lapse in baby updates! Everything is still going super well with Joy and Peanut. The fibroid is still causing Joy a little difficulty getting up out of bed and sleeping. Thankfully, Joy’s mom is still here and one of us is there every night taking care up her if she needs help getting up and heating up her heating pad.

The doctors and nurse are all tickled with how well Joy and our baby are doing. Praise the Lord and thank you for all the prayers because they definitely seem to be working! According to the monitors (done twice a day for about 30 minutes) and last ultrasound, Peanut is in the 59th percentile for a baby at 24 weeks. We were also told that the hiccups we’ve been hearing during monitoring are a sign that the lungs are developing.

Today marks the 25th week and Peanut’s heartbeat is still very strong…around 145-155 though last night I saw it get as high as 162 bpm. Peanut must be doing a little cardio before his/her arrival so he (or she) is in good shape.

We’re thankful for all the cards and gifts our friends and family have sent as well as the visits. We received some beautiful flowers over Easter weekend and it’s really helped bring a little Spring into Joy’s room. Lucky for her she’s going to miss all of pollen season!

imagePlease continue to keep us and baby Peanut in your thoughts and prayers. Our doctors really want us to reach 28 weeks, though 30 weeks would be even better and it looks like we’re on track to do it!


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