Fave Five Friday

Fave Five Friday – 1.23.2015

Sorry for the late post this week. Joy and I went to a LEGO fair/convention last weekend in Birmingham and there were literally 10,000 kids there. It must’ve been ground zero for bugs and viruses because I caught something. I came down with a fever and chills on Monday night and have been feeling puny all week. My doctor checked me out today though and after 10 days of antibiotics, I should right as rain. I’ll also try to get those LEGO fair pictures up on our site this weekend.

So, without further ado or excuses, here’s our Favorite Five videos for this week!

Star Wars: Modern Light Saber Battle

It’s amazing what Star Wars fans can produce now on their home computers. I think this neat little short is poking fun at the new cross-hilted light saber seen in the latest Star Wars Episode VII trailer.

Leaked Light Saber Scene

Realistic looking that video was, yes. If liked that one you did, laugh at this one you will.

Closing Time – The Meaning behind the Lyrics

One of my friends shared this one with me this week. I’ve never really been a big fan of the song “Closing Time” by Semisonic, but after hearing the lead singer explain the true meaning of it’s lyrics, I changed my mind. If you’re in a hurry, jump to 3:30.

Elders React: Grand Theft Auto V

I must be getting old, because I really enjoy and often relate to these Elders React videos done by the Fine Brothers. They place several senior citizens in front of a laptop and they discuss topics that appeals to today’s 21st century society. In this episode, the Elders are reacting (by playing) some Grand Theft Auto V. What happens when these conservative, straight-laced elders are allowed free roam a virtual Los Angeles with an arsenal at their disposal? You might be surprised.

Misconceptions about Getting Sick

And finally, since I got sick this week, this Misconceptions video seems relevant. You may also enjoy his other video released today about germs.

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