Fave Five Friday Videos

Fave Five Friday – 12.5.2014

Wow! Can you believe it’s already December! Just a few more weeks until Christmas. Here’s our five favorite YouTube videos for this week. Don’t forget to vote for  you favorite at the end. Last week’s winner was… A TIE! Ken Box tribute and Jimmy Fallon & Rashida Jones Holiday Parodies each got two votes.

All I want for Christmas is a jet engine for my bike.

Granted, that’s probably a little dangerous. Of course you just as easily break a bone by dancing on your bike. In HEELS. Gold plated bike? DO. WANT.

“Papa Bear” and his cute baby bears

Adorable puppy wakes up to sing the song of her people:

Movember has come and gone. Still rockin’ that ‘stache or beard? Don’t worry what the haters say. Don’t “Shave it Off”!

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