Fave Five Friday

Fave Five Friday – 11.29.2014

With the holiday this week and visiting friends and family (which we are very thankful for) we almost had a Fave Five Saturday here! With about 30 minutes to spare, here’s our favorite five YouTube videos of the week.

Because Thanksgiving was yesterday, here are 23 Thanksgiving Food Facts you might not have known (John Green – Mental Floss)

Jimmy Fallon & Rashida Jones some great holiday parodies:

Joy and I are very thankful for each other and are often thankful for the weirdest things, like this couple:

I’m thankful that Ken Block finally has a wicked looking car in his latest Gymkhana video. This time he’s going donut delirious in an 845 hp Mustang through Los Angeles.

And if  you’re a fan of Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos, you’ll love this awesome tribute by Ken Box and his Crazy Cart. FYI, they’re making an adult version of the Crazy Cart and it’ll be available Dec. 2014!

Congrats to last week’s Fave Friday Favorite: “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

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