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My lunch date with Google Street View

So I took a late lunch today (late for me, anyway) and as I pulled up to the light at Wynn Drive and University Drive, I spotted a Google Street View car driving down Wynn on the other side of University. I was driving Pokey today so I decided it was a perfect time for some GSVS – Google Street View Stalking!

As the light turned green,  I dropped the hammer and unleashed all 60 of Pokey’s ponies. I quickly turned down Boardwalk and cut through University Square and picked up Wynn again. I turned left and sped up the hill only to see the GSV car turn onto Adventist Blvd near Oakwood. I got caught by the light but once it turned green I turned down Adventist Blvd too,  hoping to catch him again at Research Park Blvd (the RPB). As I crested the hill, he was no where to be seen. The light was green so I cruised under the RPB and quickly did a 180° in the parking lot  of the 911 call center. As I was returning to the intersection of Oakwood Rd and RPB, the GSV car was coming right at me! So I waited for oncoming traffic to stop and busted another 180. The GSV car ALSO did a 180 at the 911 call center and we passed each other again. At the stoplight, I watched in my rear-view mirror as the GSV car turned right onto the RPB service road so I turned left onto Old Monrovia Rd hoping to see him one more time and get on camera. Our paths crossed again where Old Monrovia goes under RPB. He was doing a U-turn onto Rideout Drive but I managed to take a quick picture before driving past:

I’m taking pictures of the picture taker!

I should have been captured several times and in my bright orange Beetle, I should be pretty easy to find. I guess I’ll have to check out Google Street View for that area in about 6 months. According to an anonymous GSV driver that was interviewed on Jalopnik, that’s about how long it takes for Google to update their maps.

Here’s some other interesting facts I learned about Google Street View from the interview:

  1. GSV drivers don’t actually work for Google. They work for a 3rd party company that is contracted by Google. 
  2. Drivers are not allowed to carry cell phones when they drive.
  3. They don’t always have a set route to drive, just a data quota to meet each day.
  4. They’re used to pranks and being mooned. If they see anything vulgar or obscene, they just delete the photos from that area and re-scan it later.
  5. GSV drivers are usually locals hired through Craigslist ads. So if you’re 21 or older and have a spotless driving record, check out Craigslist often and you could be a Google Street View driver too!
Here’s a better view of the Google Street View Subaru Imprezza which I’ve seen probably 3 times in the last 6 months.

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