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What’s Bug’n Me

Been kind of a busy week this week, but not the “We got a whole lot done” kinda week. It was more of a “Finally made it home, let me eat something and relax for a few hours before bed.” I had a Volkswagen club meeting on Tuesday so I spent Monday night getting paperwork ready for our charity car show next month, Bug’n in July. Since I was on a Volkswagen kick and I was at the computer, I decided to spruce up the club website. I had to switch to a new theme awhile back when WordPress did a major update and I never got around to styling it. I added a funky, retro background, switched to a dark theme, and rearranged the widgets. Check it out:

Here's the newly refreshed NAVWC website.
Here’s the newly refreshed NAVWC website.

Since there were only three of us at the club meeting and we all drove our Bugs, we decided after the meeting to go on a cruise. We drove through Madison, down University Drive and cruised up to Monte Sano park via the twisty Bankhead Parkway! It’s been way too long since I’ve been up that road. We had an absolute blast. Fast cars are nice, but there’s just something about drive a slower car fast that’s more fun. Here we are the scenic overlook ready to cruise back down:

Camera Roll-430
It’s hard to decide which is the better view!

I decided on the way back down the “mountain” that I like hill climbs better, at least in Pokey. The brake pedal is a little too close to the driver for good heel-toe downshifts. I gotta say, the new disc brakes sure worked great. Maybe once I get the front ride height the way I want and I put in a thicker anti-sway bar, I’ll talk the club into hitting Deal’s Gap in Tennessee and riding the Tail of the Dragon!

Back in the garden

Our square foot garden is doing pretty well. The bush beans still don’t seem to be fairing too well. Their leaves are still pretty dry and they’re shriveling up. We have the sprinklers in the backyard watering the lawn for 15 minutes during the middle of the night. I don’t think it’s enough. We’re probably going to have to hand water the garden every night, a task I actually enjoy because it lets me get up close to garden and check out it’s progress. Speaking of progress, let me show some pictures of the kids!

Broccoli has finally decided to make it’s presence known.
Camera Roll-445
Check out the red stems… them’s radishes!
Camera Roll-444
Our tomato plants are growing like crazy!
Camera Roll-444 by Gumby_Mac72
Doesn’t look like much now, but our lettuce is starting to sprout.
Camera Roll-442
Carrots. I really hope these do well, but I’ve heard it’s hard to grow carrots unless you have deep and soft soil.
Camera Roll-439
We’ve got two squares of cilantro. If we had planted purple onions, we’d have everything necessary for my homemade salsa (except for limes).

And finally, we found another “pest” in our garden, dogs. Joy went out to admire the garden and found paw prints and divots near the lettuce and spinach. We had planned on building our tomato┬átrellis┬áthis weekend, but now it looks like we’ll also be constructing some “critter cages” to keep the junior farmers out.

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