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Square Foot Garden Update – Week 2


Well it’s been about two weeks since Joy and I started our garden, and we can already tell that it is doing really well. All of the potted plants that we bought are doing very good, especially the tomato plants that we bought at Walmart. It on’t be long before we have to start building a trellis for them to grow on. We may also need a trellis for our cucumbers, and probably our bush beans. Speaking of beans, these have to be some of the fastest growing plants that we’ve sown. The first picture ¬†below was taken in the morning, and the next picture below that was taken just one day later. I think that our bush beans will be ready to harvest in a short time, and that we will also be a will to replant bush beans again before the end of the summer growing season.

I took this picture in the morning before going to work.
Camera Roll-425
These four vertical squares are all planted with bush beans (green beans)
Camera Roll-417
This row in back is our tomato plants, two Cherry, one Roma, one Big Boy.

It wouldn’t be a garden if we didn’t have a few pests. I started noticing some holes on the leaves in our garden and when I turned over the leaf on one of the cucumber plants I found this little guy.

Camera Roll-422
I found this guy underneath a leaf and can you can see all the holes he’s left behind

That’s a horned tomato worm. That magical unicorn coming out of his butt must allow him to do a lot of damage. There were holes everywhere. I’ve heard that if they are left unchecked these guys came decimate a tomato plant overnight. It looks like I will have to go down to the local farmers co-op and find some kind of organic pesticide. I’ve also heard that you can wash used egg shells and crumble them up, and sprinkle them around your plants to deter pests.

That’s about all the updates we have this week for our garden. Almost everything that we’ve planted has started to show some signs of life, except for the lavender. Either our seeds were duds, or this stuff just takes a lot longer to germinate and sprout.

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