Hustle and (SwiftKey) Flow

Yesterday when I was playing around with the keyboard on my Kindle Fire HD, I noticed that if you held your finger down and drag it around over the keys, there was a neat little orange trail that would follow your finger. I wasn’t quite sure what it was for. Whenever I lifted my finger of the glass, the words “Please Try Again” would appear above the keys. It took me about 5 minutes of playing with it to figure out that it’s a speedy way of entering text!

Here’s how it works: As you drag your finger along to type out a word, you make changes in direction every time you get to a letter you want in your word. The OS detects these changes and knows that where each change occurs, add the letter to your word. You never pick your finger up until you reach the last letter. Then you can do the exact same thing with the next word, without even having to hit the space bar! It’s extremely cool makes typing on my iPhone seem clunky and old fashioned.

I found out this morning it’s called SwiftKey Flow. Here’s a great video showing how it works in better detail (magic happens at :30):

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