We gonna party…

…like it’s my burfday! Yup, today was my birthday! What amazing things did I do today? Well, I got up, showered, shaved, and went work like normal. Sat in a meeting, made some posters, and got taken out to lunch at Little Rosies. For desert, my co-worker bought some of these delicious little cakes from “Nothing Bundt Cakes” and I ate 2 or 3 of them. Joy had choir rehearsal tonight that she couldn’t miss, so we decided to rain-check my celebration to Friday night. She did make my favorite dinner, spaghetti, before she left.

Wednesdays are my usual gaming nights, but one of my friends had a horrible internet connection, so it was just me and one other chap, so I decided to challenge him to an online game of global domination, Risk! It was classic Risk and took a little longer than I thought it would, but there was some pretty dramatic tide-turning moments, but I eventually lost. I came in third but it was still fun watching my friend try to beat up on the computer opponent.

Finally, I finished up a few designs I did for the local newspaper, The Huntsville Times. They’re doing a cool story on redesigning the SEC team helmets and they’re enlisting local designers to take a stab at some designs. Thankfully I didn’t get Alabama or Auburn because I know whatever I did for either team would be horrible and trash talked to no end. I was assigned Tennessee and Mississippi State. The story runs this Sunday and if my designs are selected to be in the story, you should get to see them then. I’ll post my designs here on my blog for those readers that aren’t local or have access to the paper. Just remember, I don’t like sports, I don’t watch sports, and I know about as much about football as I do women!