What a pain in the grass

Joy and I decided to invite our Sunday school class over this weekend for a little swimming and grilling out. When we got back from an early breakfast at Little Rosies, I set out to clean the pool. I decided to pull the solar cover off the reel it was haphazardly rolled onto and clean it off before storing until Fall. I drug it out into the back yard and hosed the grass and dirt off it and then turned my attention to sweeping around the pool.

After about 30 minutes, I felt like the cover had been lying in the sun long enough to dry, so I went to pick up a corner to drain the excess water off and I was hit with this wave of hot air that smelled like soggy grass clippings. I folded up the cover and placed it under the house, but on my way back to the pool, I noticed a few areas of grass that looked kinda withered. I didn’t think much of it until the next day when I went out on the deck and saw what kind of damage was done.

Solar covers are bad for grass, mmmmkay?

The solar cover had only been on the grass for about 30 minutes, but I did vacuum the pool prior to spreading the cover out. That means there was a lot of water got pumped out the waste house right where I laid the cover. The pool cover is actually like a giant sheet of bubble wrap (think thousands of tiny magnifying glasses), so I guess when I laid it over the soggy grass when the sun was almost directly overhead, I essentially steam-cooked my bermuda.

I’ve been watering it three times a day since Saturday. Hopefully bermuda is as tough as they say and it’ll grow back soon. In the meantime, I guess I’ve got a lot less grass to mow in the back!

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