I shutter to think

We decided it was finally time to do something about the faded vinyl shutters on the front of the house. While we were shopping at Lowe’s one night, we found a spray paint for plastic and vinyl made by Valspar. They had several tasteful colors, y’know, the kind you might actually see on a house, so we bought several cans of Burgundy.

I don’t think the shutters would’ve come off the wall very easily. They seemed to be held on with some kind of barbed anchors. Not wanting to ruin them, I just grabbed a wide roll of the blue painters tape and got it as close to edges of the shutters as I could. I then draped a plastic drop cloth over the shutter, cut a window for it, and then taped the drop cloth to the blue tape on the wall.

A quick wipe with some denatured alcohol (removes dirt and stains and dries almost instantly) and I sprayed the first light coat. That dried in about 10 minutes (especially in 98 degree temps!) so I applied one more coat. As you can see in the picture here, it came out really nice! It’s a lot shinier than it used to be, but for $7 a can (which will do 2 shutters), you can’t beat the price!

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