Kindle 2 sold! Kindle 3, back in black!

I decided yesterday to put my Kindle 2 up for sale on Amazon and pre-order the graphite WiFi Kindle 3. I was able to sell my Kindle in a matter of hours and got $159 for it, which is only $6 less than I paid for it. I decided to get the WiFi only version because I’m not that voracious a reader and if I’m ever planning to go on a long trip, I’ll simply load up on books before I go.

The new Kindles are only available for pre-order and won’t ship until Aug. 27, so I’ll be without a proper e-reader until then. I’ll have to revert to my Kindle iPhone app until then. I’m currently reading “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and if I have to wait a whole month to pick back up with the story, I might as well start all over again!

On a side note, the new Mazda 3 and I are getting along smashingly! With one of my iPhone apps, Car Minder, I’ve been tracking my MPG, and I’m getting 25 MPG in the city. I know that’s not hybrid territory, or even Corolla territory, but maybe I’ve been a little heavier on the pedal than I should. This car is just fun to drive! Oh yeah, the car now has a name. She told me her name is “Misty”, mostly because of the misty blue-grey color she’s painted. Almost all of my cars have had names, there was Earl–my 2000 GMC Sonoma, Hank–my 1998 Chevy 1500, Pokey–my 1972 VW Beetle, and Joy’s 2005 Vibe, which is named Lucy. It’s been 100º or more around here lately, and I think Misty has been telling me it’s time to get her windows tinted, so we might have to make a date for her and Lucy to go to the “salon” and get some color!

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