That was fast!

Amazon’s new graphite Kindle

Only a few hours after I posted about the unavailability of Amazon’s Kindle 2 and how I thought they were either selling out or about to introduce a new model, they introduce a new model! It’s smaller, lighter, has improved contrast, and now even has an even better battery life. There’s now two versions too. You can get a WiFi only version for just $139! The WiFi and 3G-enable version is still $189, but you can now get one in black, or graphite as they call it.

I saw a few pictures of it online just now, and one of the features I really like is that they put “Next” and “Back” buttons for turning the pages on both side of the device. I never did like the fact that the right side only had “Next” and “Home”. Small thing I know, but if you read enough and like to jump back, you’ll start to notice.

Will I get one? Hard to say. I just got mine, but if I could find someone to sell mine to for, oh, about $165, maybe $150, I’d be VEEERY tempted to get one of the new ones! So, anyone interested in a gently-used, and well loved Kindle 2, with 3G?

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