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My “new” Mazda3
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My 12-year old Chevy truck’s been giving me a lot of trouble lately, like not starting and missing at highway speeds. It may be something as simple as fouled spark plugs but it could also end up being something more grievous. So Joy and I decided it’s time to retire ole Hank. We love having paid for vehicles and didn’t really want to take on another car payment, but with 180,000 miles on the truck, I don’t give him long before he needs something costly done.

So after much talk, researching, test driving, more research, and a few more test drives, we brought home this beautiful 2009 Mazda3. It had the best ratings online, best reliability record, and it was just fun to drive! I almost went with the Mazda 6 because it was a little larger, but this 3 was quieter and it was newer.

We’ll probably use Hank a lot more this summer as we finish up some landscaping around the house and then we might let him go. Nothing comes close to the utility factor of a truck, but I don’t think we need so many vehicles, especially if one will be need overhaul repairs soon.

Now I just have to come up with a name for the ‘new’ car!

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