A day at the movies

After entertaining with family yesterday and spending Saturday with friends on Saturday, Joy and I decided to take Monday holiday to ourselves and head to the movies for a double-feature. We actually saw three movies, but only one together. Joy went to her own movie while I saw the Karate Kid remake. I absolutely loved the Karate Kid. Personally, I thought it was much better than the original, even if the names were changed and they were in China and not California. The scenery was gorgeous and the story was really touching. I highly recommend seeing this one while it’s out in the theaters.

We also saw Toy Story 3 on Sunday with my family and I was blown away by it. Definitely the best of the whole series, but as it builds upon the previous two, you shouldn’t see it until you’ve seen those. The opening sequence alone was worth the price of admission, so make sure you arrive to the show late! A word of caution, Toy Story 3 is a very emotional ride. It has it’s ups and downs and really tugs at the ole heartstrings at the end. I caught myself welling up at the end and wanted to go home and dust off some of the toys from my childhood. There’s also a few moments in the movie that might be a little intense for youngsters. We saw at least one child get carried out during some scary scenes. I don’t know if Toy Story 3 was rated G or PG, but if it as G, it was definitely pushing the limits.

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