Risk Management – part IV

What’s that you say? The Nuclear ICBM option sounds a little “aggressive”? Why not leaving the “risk” of handling nuclear materials up to fate and use…

Three Mile Island variation
This is a variation on the Nuclear option. Instead of allowing an attacker to fire an ICBM for rolling triples, there is instead a random nuclear meltdown somewhere on the board! If someone rolls triples on the attack dice, the attack is paused and the top country card is taken off the deck. The country on the back is now the instant winner of a nuclear meltdown. All soldiers in that territory are removed and a token marks the territory as a wasteland for TWO turns. The country card is placed back into the deck and the attacker can resume his battle.

Just as with the Nuclear option, you may attack across a wasteland, but at a cost of half your army and losing a territory to meltdown does not affect you continent bonus for controlling all the territories in a continent. This rule may not be as fun as the Nuclear ICBM option, but it’s a little more random so you could either loss 10 soldiers, or maybe just 1, depending on where it occurs.

The final Risk Management post will describe one of my favorite variations, Capital Risk! Don’t miss it!

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