Here’s Gabby!

Here’s Gabby
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Joy and I were finally able to go down to Boaz this Saturday and pick up our new puppy, Gabby! She’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and we got her from the Sweetbriar Kennel. She’s just the cutest little thing and very playful. After a hectic first day with us, she’s finally getting adjusted to her new home and family. Greta is VERY eager to play with her and we are still supervising their play time until Greta calms down a little more. We still love Greta very much and now she’d never purposely harm Gabby, but she still thinks she’s a puppy and doesn’t realize how much bigger she is compared to Gabby.

*YAWN* Still very tired after last night. Puppy bladders at 9 weeks apparently aren’t very big and I had to get up a 3AM last night to take Gabby outside for potty break. We must be blessed, because so far she hasn’t messed in the house yet, which is good because we had the carpets cleaned just before Thanksgiving. Hope this habit keeps up.

Here’s some more pictures of Gabby and Greta.

UPDATE: no less than 10 minutes after writing this post, Gabby proceded to mark her own little spot in the office. 🙂

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Yeah, tell me about it. Today was rather, um, productive for Gabby too. 🙁

She’s mouthy too. Chewing on everything in sight… toes included!

That’s what you get for bragging about your new puppy…. Better move some furniture to cover that spot 🙂

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