Risk Management – part II

Continuing with the Risk rules and game play variations today, I present to you…

The Country Card Advantage
At the end of every turn where you’ve defeated a neighboring opponent and taken their territory, you receive a country card. In most versions of Risk, that country card has one of three figures on it (a horse, soldier, or cannon) and a country on the board. Once you’ve acquired a set (a horse, a soldier, and a cannon) you can turn those three cards in for an extra allotment of troops at the start of your next turn. But wait! With this rule variation, you just might want to hold onto those cards. Look at the country listed on each card. If you have a card with say, Central America on it, you can use that to your advantage. With that card, if you are attacking from Central America or to Central America, you are afforded the opportunity to re-roll ONE of your attacking dice on each battle! This only works on attacks, not defense. So, say you attack a country that you own the country card for and you roll a 5, 2, and a 1. Since you own the corresponding country card, you can reroll your low dice (the 1) and maybe roll a 6. If there are still enemy troops there, attack again. Get another low die? You can reroll that one die again. I guess the analogy here is that having that country card is like having inside or in-depth knowledge about the territory and how best to exploit the terrain to your advantage.

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