Chatty Gabby makes 4!

Gabby to go!
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Sorry for the lack of posts around here lately, but Joy and I have been busy (as usual). I had a great birthday this year and got a few new toys to play with and Joy and I also traveled to Walt Disney World a few weeks back. I promise I’ll post some more on that and put up pictures, but what we’d really like to share with our friends and family is the newest member to our family, Gabby!

We decided to buy another playmate for our newest puppy, Greta. We bought Greta so that Riggs would have someone to play with, but unfortunately we had to put Riggs down about a month ago. Riggs had led a very long and full life and was really beginning to suffer from arthritis and a thyroid problem. Greta loved to chase Riggs around the house and we know that he really enjoyed having a buddy in his last few months. Without Riggs around, Greta has been very lonely, and even with all the love and playtime we dote on her, we feel that she still needs someone “her age” to play with. She completely lights up every Saturday when we take her to PetSmart for her training classes and she gets to hang out with the other pups.

Gabby is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We’re getting her from a breeder down in Boaz, AL. Today Joy and I traveled down to meet the breeder, Gabby’s parents, and to pick her out. She was one of the largest and most alert of the litter and she seemed to take to Joy and I almost from the get-go. We had several possible names for her picked out, but once we started playing with her, she became very “vocal” and we immediately knew what name to go with! She’s only 3 weeks old, and once she reaches 6 weeks, she’ll be weaned from her mother and delivered to us. Then the fun times and sleepless nights begin. We’ll post more pictures once she arrives, so check back later!

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