Reach out and iTouch someone?

Joy and I tried to join the ranks of the iPhone elite and pick up a 3G iPhone last night, but were denied. First, we went into the local AT&T store on Monday to see about adjusting our rate plan and what kind of damage an iPhone data plan would do. We dropped to a lower minute plan, dropped my Media Works bundle, phone insurance, and in the end, getting an iPhone would only add $1-2 a month to our bill.

We decided to go ahead and get one, but they didn’t have any iPhones in stock so we went to the Apple store last night (the Bridge Street Apple website showed they would be in stock). I signed up for the iPhone, but during the application process I kept coming up as ineligible. A quick call to AT&T showed that I was no long eligible for upgrade, not until Sept. 27!

Originally, I was already eligible… since the end of June as a matter of fact. Someone must’ve screwed with my account while changing my plan. I was more upset that someone changed my eligibility status than not getting the iPhone. Maybe this is a good thing? Now I can wait it out a little more and listen to more reviews of the 3G.  Heck, I might just settle on a iPod Touch and save the $35 a month. After 11 months, I’d have enough saved for a real toy, a PS3!

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Or you could get a sweet Smartphone with Windows Mobile 6. Since I upgraded my phone to WM 6.1, my phone has been working flawlessly. It’s way cooler than an iPhone and cheaper on the monthly plan, too. 😉

Come on, you know you miss Winderz!

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