Introducing Miss Sophie Armstrong

Introducing Miss Sophie Armstrong
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Here’s my new niece, Sophie Elizabeth Armstrong, born at 3:23 today. She weighs 5.12 pounds and is18 inches long. Mom and Dad are doing well and all should be home in the next day or two. Ashley should have lots more pictures soon.

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Thanks. This is my first niece. I’m just glad everything went ok, since my sister was on bed rest for the last few weeks.

I think I might have to become a dad in the next year or two. The sooner I get started, the sooner I’ll have someone to replace me on the lawn mower!

Congrats to Sophie, her mom and dad, and of course, new aunt and uncle. Forgive me for asking…is this your first niece or nephew?

Being an uncle is fun, particularly because you can play with the kid and hand it back to mom and dad when it starts crying. 🙂

Actually, I can honestly say that I’m having more fun being a dad than I would have ever thought possible.

Congrats! Sophie’s cute!

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