Greta Graduates!

Greta Graduates!
Originally uploaded by Gumby_Mac72.

Greta graduated from beginner training classes at PetSmart tonight! She even got to pose for a photo with a mortar board and tassle and got a diploma to take home. Her graduation present? A nice big chewy rawhide bone. Hey, not everyone gets a brand new car for graduation!

She’s got a few commands she still needs to work on, but she’s still a puppy and has a lot spunk in her, so the commands like “sit” and “stay” take a little more effort for her.

She’s got a few months off to enjoy the summer… getting up late and watching TV all day long before she starts Intermediate classes. Enjoy it while you can puppy!

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That’s wrong dude. Greta (or Shredda as she’s getting to be called ’round here) will certainly destroy you the next time she sees you. WITH HER LASER BEAMS!!!

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