Awareness Test

My sister sent me a link to the following video and it was just too cool not to share (thanks Heather!). It’s an awareness test and it requires your undivided attention, so if you’re feeling really sharp today, give it a try.

I think what I like most is that it’s an advertisement for cycling awareness. I’m cyclist and I love getting out on the open road and feeling the wind in my helmented hair and hearing the freewheel “zzzzzzzzz” as I cruise the streets. Remember to share the streets with cyclists and all cyclists should remember to obey the rules of the road as well!

One reply on “Awareness Test”

I didn’t see the moonwalking bear the SECOND time I watched it. O_o Of course, I’ve been on my trip to CA and it’s 11:30 at night in my hotel room and I had to hold the laptop 6″ from my face the third time around, so I have excuses. 😉

Hey, I give cyclists their share. I just wish they’d be smart about their riding and not choose to ride during the heaviest hours of traffic, such as on Zeirdt during lunch hour.

On a similar subject, since I’m tired and chatty, motorcyclists in CA just ride the middle line. Everywhere. Between cars. It’s craaazy, man!

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