Our Heart’s All a-Twitter

I signed up for a Twitter account this morning so I could text my random thoughts and ideas and not have to be in front of a computer to do so. If you don’t know what Twitter is, run. Now. It’s probably going to be a very addictive addition to my web portfolio, but it will allow me to keep the site very up-to-date.

Instead of giving you guys a direct link to my Twitter page (which looks kinda plain), I just installed some Twitter code in the sidebar here on our site. If you look in the sidebar to the right, just below the Links section, you’ll see my twitter updates.

Once again, these little messages, known affectionately in the Twitter world as “tweets” will be from me, Daryl. I might be able to talk Joy into an account, but don’t hold yer breath (she’s not nearly the techno-nerd that I am!).

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