Keep on Truckin’

For those of you waiting with bated breath for the exciting conclusion to my truck troubles, I’ve got good news! Hank is back and running like a champ. There was a great repair show just 3 miles down the road that was highly recommended on the Car Talk website. The took a look at the electrical system and found that the only thing wrong was a loose battery cable. I guess that I didn’t tight down the positive battery cable enough so there wasn’t enough current getting to the new starter I installed.

They also hand-cranked the engine which helped the ring gear on the starter engage the flywheel and the truck fired up immediately after that. Thankfully if was a cheap fix so I also had them replace the distributor cap and rotor while they where in there.

Hank is now running great and seems to have a little more power. He definitely starts up a lot easier and faster. I’d still like to change out the transmission fluid soon, but that will have to wait until the weather is a little warmer and my knuckles have at least scabbed over.

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