Joy and Happy the Hippo

Joy and Happy the Hippo
Originally uploaded by Gumby_Mac72.

If you read our earlier post, you might remember that Joy got a new car, a 2005 Pontiac Vibe. When I got my ’72 Volkswagen awhile back, it was orange and my nickname was Gumby. So naturally, I dubbed my veedub Pokey. Joy thought it was cute and after getting married, we named her truck Hank. Hank is mine now and Joy has decided to name her new car Lucy, Lucy the Hippo.

I wanted to get Joy a little traveling companion for Lucy, so I searched around town for stuffed hippo. I had no luck locally, but someone on eBay had this cute little pink Beanie Baby hippo named Happy. Happy has a new home and as you can see here, Joy is happy, Happy is in Lucy, and all are enjoying themselves!

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