A shorn shephard?

A shorn shephard?
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Joy and I recently took our puppy dog Riggs to PetSmart to get a shampoo and haircut. Joy told them to shorten up his fur, which they obviously did. I offered to pick Riggs up during my lunch break and I was shocked to see just how short the cut his hair! I almost didn’t recognize the poor little fella.

Normally Riggs has a thick black coat, but as you can see in the photo here, it looks little whitish. That’s because his hair was so short that his skin was showing through. Keep in mind, it was the middle of November when we took him in. It’s a good thing Riggs isn’t an outdoor dog anymore or he’d likely froze to death!

There are several upsides to this super short haircut though. First, we don’t have to brush him nearly as much now, there’s less dog fur on the carpet now, and trips outside to use the bathroom are REALLY quick now!

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He certainly looked like a new dog! I almost thought they had the wrong dog when I picked him up.

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