Jerry’s 60th Birthday

Jerry’s 60th Birthday
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Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Joy and I got really busy this summer with our VW club’s car show, traveling, and working on our house. Not that much has happened since the “I Love America” show mentioned below. Joy and I celebrated our birthdays in August… she got some music boxes and a jewelry box and I got some cool gauges and a cool new bicycle.

For our third anniversary (Sept. 11), we both took the day off, spent the day together, and enjoyed a leisurely lunch and dinner out. Joy and I also spent the evening sharing our thoughts, positive and negative, about our marriage so far and where we see ourselves in the future. It was an exciting exercise and a great way to insure oneness in our marriage.

Earlier this month, we traveled to Oklahoma to surprise Joy’s dad on his 60th birthday. Not only did Joy and I sneak up on him, but the entire family flew in and his brother and mother snuck in too! Everyone had a great time (seen in the photo above), but I got deathly sick midway through the trip. I don’t know what it was, but I was, um, “losing fluids” in every possible way for almost 2 days. I started to get better about the time we were supposed to leave, but decided against flying. Instead, Joy’s mother drove us all the way home from OK! God love her! It took me about a week to fully recover and get my strength back but I’m alive and well now.

Yesterday, wegot back from a weekend with my family in a cabin over in Blue Ridge, GA. My aunt and uncle and grandmother also made the trip and we spent 4 days resting in relaxing amongst the changing foliage. To me, it was just nice not getting ill and I thoroughly enjoyed the time away from work and the blog.

Now that I’m back and rested, I promise Joy and I will keep the site a little more updated. So, check back soon and we’ll have some holiday pics up as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas approach. Stay tuned!

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Sorry. We’ve been very busy on the house these last few weeks but we’ve made lots of changes and we’ll post plenty of pics later this week. Stay tuned!

Where’s the more frequent updates? I get bored sometimes very late at night when I get off work, and I need entertainment!

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