Gone on a bender

Gone on a bender
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Pokey had a little fender bender last weekend. As I was backing my wife’s truck up so we could in to church, I bumped into the front fender, messing up the bumper, fender and headlight bucket. I felt worse than it looks, but a couple hours at Airkooled Kustoms and it’ll be right as rain.

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Glad to hear that there are still veggie lovers out there fighting the good fight against the oil barons!

I did that sweet orange paint job myself with, believe it or not, a gallon of rustoleum paint! As crazy as it sounds, it actually works… IF you do it right. You can read all about the crazy process and see pics on my Bug Bytes blog. Look near the bottom and be sure to check out the links to my Flickr account for all the sweet pics.

Hi Daryl, this is “Jennifer’s” husband, “Bill.” I just got done with another quick’n’easy fill-up on sweet vegetable crude here in an undisclosed location near Kansas City. I enjoyed reading about your experience with “Jennifer” at an unnamed Mexican restaurant possibly in the Hunstville, Alabama area. The same G-Men that are out to get those of us revolutionizing our fossil fuel dependence also blocked from the computers in a combat zone…go figure.

I was also wondering how you did that sweet sweet orange paint job on Pokey?

Best wishes,

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